EP (2015)


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scared about the people fill out the streets lead by voices made them dull intentionally planted on fears to grow in their skulls you trust all the pictures that you see? all the lines that you read? moving in this world for so long finding passion´s way too hard among these loads of crap you´re heading forward complaining´s way to easy…I don´t give a shit made out of passion seems to me so valuable and highly esteemed the hail of news the hail of pictures in this times bless you got the benefit to choose open your eyes draining out valuable goods more to give and less to take considerations help me to keep me awake knowing what it means to be in need and being able to suceed spreading the passion and emanate so that they can see the heartbeat that keeps you alive maybe they´ll agree discover these worlds they only keep you happy to get as far as you can my ignition point is to come undone authentic behaviour vs. role play
Perfection 02:57
question all those actions means a tight standstill my dear you want to build it up you need to catch the bricks begin again you still watching out and listen to the voices quite slowly makes you sick twist and turn hollow shells left to burn the idea is to stop and don´t let it burn you up sleepwalking all the days lights blinding up a remote control does its job a lonely comfort to take the break searching all the answers right between cause and effect twist and turn hollow shells left to burn the idea is to stop and let them burn someday to nailed down in your head to look around the idea is to stop and don´t let them burn you up the outside to the inside and peoples showing up the efforts for perfection and no one´s speaking from the top so first you´ve to love yourself and not to regret and parades of shades is all you´ve got burn them all to burn out from the inside and you´ll see so start your engine to thrive and live now and free
Threshold 03:27
you care about the tunes we shout the words so crystal clear look at us it´s only us no more and it always will be sending us your lonely shapes and by the way I think "who draws in one´s horns can´t be happy" and that´s all that you want but often I don´t like the lights to shine on us withal but some action´s all we need a profound message all just wanna have thinking about human beings and actions is my intention drifting through the world sharing this with all of you and wondering your next step meanwhile you have to between todays politics and showtunes I wonder if it´s our aim to keep your head immune these kids aren´t alright and sometimes it´s the most important matter to be with all of your friends having a good time and thats all that you want I know it´s always easier to swim with the swarm steady gaze in one direction so wondering your next step meanwhile you have to my life is just better now that´s all I do
for what it´s worth these doubts seem common again I´m feeling callow but I began to see by the way time made us who we are right now you started to leave town early on extending your career my best intentions fail to settle down lingering here when small town fairs turn into a havoc and people reveal their worst conduct I put it to an end so I start to believe this life could be so much more too me realize what I am up to achieve began to thrive suddenly people stacked in boxes indeed no need to feel the air conversations confined to modest greetings thoughts bound anywhere all vibrant spots I could find in this maze aerate heads and sever the lace the all time quests for courtesy always bothered me my time´s not worth it listening to this bogus revelry the burden of those times pile to build our shoulders so strong controling just my temper took me where I belong
Tear it down 02:58
you failed constructing worlds and you will never learn that we´re all concerned in this and now it´s our turn we´re heading forward to set the final strike your kingdom´s in the back and it´s loosing its firming the troops marching on to face your defeat again we´ll tear it down we´re invading ancient kingdoms our time is still to come and we´ll endure till it´s gone and we still hold on once again we grasp the holy crown for you to stay and remain the same like we used to sometimes I ask myself about your meanings what´s this all for when it gets so fucking boring the listening began for this salvation hand in hand for this conversation
old sites appear as the best hands clamped around the armrests just kept the wooden smell in mind and still remembering those good nights while you´d been brought by car I rode my bike looking at the stars swallowed up by dim surroundings found something in my inner self getting all the news so directly makes me sceptic of this effectivity the days go round and round waiting indifferently behind machines lurking economy lies optimization of your ease so convenient I hardly keep pace while you count facebook friends and just type in your words I live my life on my experiences conversations face to face seem as feckless as an embrace but pissed off all the time it´s not worth it you won´t get my attention that you are craving for I´m aware of my dimensions you´d probably adore a treat and a chuckle but lukewarm and humble won´t note this detriment it´s influence too mighty and a lack of society
I still remember times among the shades in that room so tiny longing for a slight delight and just wasting too much time got sick of all that thinking before I lacked direction but felt my heartbeat pounding for something in my surrounding so what am I longing for? being overrunned by two tragedies I didn´t get what I want and otherwise I´ll get it beingproud of what I´ve done so long some people doing better I don´t even care can´t hardly keep up the heed make myself scarce and set my pace seems like a slow sprint getting sick of all this thinking before I lacked direction feel my heartbeat poundingfor something in my surrounding so what am I longing for? being overrunned by two tragedies I didn´t get what I want and otherwise I´ll get it being proud of what I´ve done so long all that I´ve to jonesing for is inner content a moral life is never for us all will to survive to break all these walls I never got time for your weary lessons never the urge of coming along a moral life is never for us all so I will break these walls


released April 2, 2015

produced, redorded in summer/fall 2014, engineerd
and mastered by phil-meyer.de @ burningflag studios osnabrück


all rights reserved



EMPIRE ME Osnabrück, Germany

founded in spring 2013 empire me plays a fast melodic style of punkrock... yumm yumm !!!!

Volli (Guitar,Vocals)
Matze (Guitar,Vocals)
Klaas (Bass)
Christoph (Drums)

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